Before you begin

In order to reset your MLC password without interaction with IT, (most login’s ending with “”) you must first have registered for the ability to reset your password yourself.
The registration process is only required to gain additional personal details to verify it’s you in case of a password reset.

Verification Methods  
More Secure Less Secure
OTP Code Auth Mobile number
Microsoft Authenticator Personal email address

Automatic Registration Process
Step 1
Go to and sign in using your existing credentials.
•You should be automatically be asked to register. If not, please see the “Manual” section of this document.
•If you are logged in automatically, try and open in an incognito/private window.

Step 2
Upon signing in successfully you should be asked about giving your organisation some more information about yourself. 
This information is only used to verify your identity when resetting your password in the future. 
Click “Next”

Step 3

We now need to setup a new method of authentication. In this case a mobile phone number will be used. 

Click “Set it up now”

Step 4

1. Select your country code and enter your phone number

2. Click either “text me” or “call me” and you will be called and told a 6 digit number or texted a 6-digit number. 

3. Enter the your 6-digit verification code and click “Verify”

NOTE: Country code replaces first digit of phone number.

Congratulations, you have now registered for the ability to reset your own password!

Manual Registration Process

If for whatever reason you are not prompted to register and add verification methods automatically we can also initiate the process manually by going to the password reset registration page, and then signing in with your account. Afterwards you will be asked to set up at least one authentication method. 

Follow on from step 3 of automatic registration to complete final steps of registration. 

Reset Password

Step 1

Try sign-in to once again. You may have to log out first. When you are at this login screen simply click “Forgot password”. We want to get to the same screen on the right. 

Step 2

That will bring you to the captcha page below. Fill out the characters shown and click “Next”

Step 3

You can have multiple different types of verification methods as you can see in the screenshot below. We will be using the “Send a text to my mobile phone number” verification method for this example. 

Step 4

Enter the 6-digit code as shown above and then click “Next”

Step 5

Enter your new password, and then click “Finish” to complete the password reset!

Please be sure to set a strong password. 

Try and use passwords with as many different character sets (a-z,0-9, !-&) and non-english words as possible. Also, the longer the password, the mathematically harder it is to brute force.  

For example:

“Tgu3ld555” ( Approx. 4 days to crack )


“Myfavouritehorse’snameisScarlett.” ( Approx. 8 SESVIGINTILLION years to crack )

You can check your own passwords strength @ How secure is my password?