Be safe meeting online

  1. Use Microsoft Teams for online meetings. ( Invite attendees. Use the lobby feature for approved guests only. 

  2. Share your screen carefully by managing options in your meeting. 

  3. If recording a meeting, make sure everyone on the call is aware. 

  4. Please be mindful that when using MS Teams you are in your virtual workplace. 

  1. Do NOT make meetings PUBLIC to avoid unwanted guests.

  2. Do NOT share a link to online meetings on unrestricted social media posts or platforms.

  3. Do NOT share confidential information in online meetings.

Setting up your audio, video and environment

Use a headset with mic if possible. This provides the optimal audio experience for both you and other meeting attendees. If a headset isn’t available, use your device’s built-in audio/mic. Call in via phone only as a last resort. If you DO call in, make sure your computer/laptop’s mic and speakers are muted. 

Avoid sitting with your back to a window or bright light source. This causes a silhouette appearance where others cannot see you or determine your identity. 

Think about the background. Whatever is in the room behind you might not be appropriate for a meeting or could be distracting to others. Cameras pointed up at ceiling fans are also a visual distraction for some attendees. Consider using the blur my background feature in MS Teams.

Close doors to avoid unexpected visitors. Many of us are working in a home environment where others may pass by or inadvertently interrupt.

Joining a meeting

Join a few minutes early. This allows you to make sure everything is working and gives time to make any adjustments. 

Mute other devices and apps. Make sure to mute your cell phone and close any other apps on your computer/laptop that might send distracting notifications. 

Enter any meeting with your mic muted and camera off. Others might already be engaged in conversation. 

Be presentable. Working from home (or anywhere outside the office) doesn’t mean that we can become less professional in our approach. This includes personal appearance. Dress appropriately and prepare as if you were going into the office.

Treat the meeting as if you were meeting in person in the Sutherland rooms. Don’t eat or drink or walk away whilst your camera and mic are on.

Attending and participating in a meeting


KEEP YOUR MIC MUTED. Most important: Keep your mic muted unless you need to speak or are leading the meeting. If your audio becomes distracting, anyone in the meeting can mute any attendee. You will need to unmute yourself to begin speaking when needed. Those attending via call-in only will need to press *6 to unmute themselves if this occurs. 


Avoid talking over others. Unlike an in-person meeting, its sometimes difficult to distinguish between multiple conversations leading to confusion. 


Be clear and concise. Speak in a concise and clear manner and tone so that everyone can hear what you are saying. Remember to pause occasionally to assure attendees have time to ask questions.


Camera use. Using (or not using) your camera is up to you. A limited number of windows will show for attendees of the meeting. These automatically show/hide based on participation. Be sure to pause/turn off your camera if may be distracting to others. Don’t walk around with your camera on (mobile device) – It is also distracting.


Use chat window. Consider, especially for large meetings, asking your questions in the chat window. Tag other attendees (using @username format) in the chat window when your comment is directed towards a specific attendee to distinguish between a general comment.